Golf Cart Voltedge 12V Battery


Choose FVP’s batteries for Golf and Commercial Electric Vehicles. Our batteries meet runtime requirements and provide long-term dependability. That means more time lining up putts and less time dealing with re-installs.

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All of FVP’s 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt golf batteries feature:

  • Calcium/Calcium Grid Alloy Reduces gassing and extends intervals between watering. Provides excellent corrosion resistance for longer life.
  • Higher Density Paste Optimizes energy density and prolongs cycle life by resisting material shedding and plate deterioration.
  • Fiber Reinforced Separators Helps retain cell compression during cycling and improves plate life in high vibration applications.
  • Optimized Plate Design Balances structural design with performance. Reduces common failure modes found in Deep Cycle batteries.
  • Popular Configurations The GC2, GC8 and 12-volt golf cart products are available in several configurations making it easy to provide your customer with exactly what they need.
  • Convenient Carry Handle Simplifies installation and provides an easy, safe method of handling the batteries.

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